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The Global Growth Institute selected World Class Mongolia LLC as year trusted partner in Mongolia.

        CEO’s and senior executives from some of the world’s leading organizations choose GGI as their partner of choice to help them maximize their investments in people. For the past 20 years, GGI founding partners, Wayne Clarke and Mark Vegh, and their team have worked with over 600 companies, CEO’s, leadership teams and 1000s of managers worldwide. Their deep global insight revealed a universal performance challenge to be addressed within organisations. Leaders consistently identified the need of having ‘world-class’ managers at all levels of management, if they were to realise their commercial and cultural ambitions. The link between management capability and performance is clear and well documented. Clarity around what ‘worldclass’ looks like in practice, as a practical and accessible model that is fit for the demands of real business life, isn’t.

The Creation of World Class Manager:

        GGI set out to build a model of ‘World Class Management’ based on their global research and experience; a model that satisfied 3 essential conditions: 1) Clarity – Define great management in highly practical terms; identify the very best tools and techniques used by great managers worldwide. 2) Format – create a format where managers can learn any time, any place, on any device and put their learning into practice with immediate effect. 3) Accessibility – create a program that is cost efficient for individual and mass participation, and globally accessible. The model had to deliver high impact, fast-track learning and had to address the key challenges and frustrations expressed by CEO’s, senior leaders and managers at all levels: •How to increase alignment of purpose, strategy and values from boardroom to frontline •How to create a better-connected organization •How to better engage our people •How to best develop leaders so they get the best out of themselves and their people •How to give managers the tools and techniques they need in a resource-constrained world World Class Manager (WCM) was launched in fall of 2016 and is now operational in 18 countries. It’s a technology-enabled platform of development for managers featuring a mix of video, workbook and assessment. It’s also CPD Certified from London. It is being used by some of the world’s leading organizations including HSBC, The BBC, ACCA, Allianz and is helping 1000s of managers improve their management capability; it is also helping organizations overcome geographical and financial barriers to developing their entire management population.



Founder, CEO at Gurun Academy and World Class Mongolia LLC


Founder and General director of ``Nomadic Content LLC``


MCSI-Head of CMO


Founder & CEO at Route Catering LLC


PR Pro & Strategist. Founder at East Maven, Forbes Mongolia


Founder at Anna Cashmere LLC & Mongolian Property Management Group


Technical Services , Supervisor at Wagner Asia Equipment LLC


Researcher at Institute of Development Policy Planning


Founder at “Legacy Publishing” LLC, Teaching Business English TEFL online at Bridge Institute


Operating Director at World Class Mongolia LLC


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